Charles Roberts Chorley

Died aged c. 83

Commemorated on 3 plaques

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Leeds & County Liberal Club From Parliamentary and municipal reform in the 1830s to 1894 the Liberal Party dominated politics in Leeds. This splendid club in Welsh terracotta opened in 1891. Crowds were addresses from its balcony 'on occasions of political excitement'. Chorley & Connon Architects

Quebecs Hotel, Quebec Street, LS1, Leeds, United Kingdom where they designed (1891)

Hotel Metropole This fine hotel designed by Chorley, Connon and Chorley is one of the best examples of terracotta work in Leeds. A remarkable feature is the large stone cupola taken from the town's fourth White Cloth Hall (erected in 1868) which formerly occupied this site. Opened 1899

King Street, Leeds, United Kingdom where they designed (1899)

Elmete Hall. This fine villa, with its 65-acre estate providing spectacular views over Leeds was built in 1865 for James Kitson the wealthy steam locomotive manufacturer. Extended in brick in 1885, for over two decades from 1957 it was a school for the deaf. Architects: Dobson and Chorley. Renovated 2007.

Elmete Lane LS8 2LJ, Leeds, United Kingdom where they designed (1865)