Thomas Patten

Died aged c. 82

Family tree

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Patten Lane This narrow lane once led to the home of the Patten family, wealthy merchants who had settled in Warrington in the mid 16th Century. In 1697 Thomas Patten helped establish Warrington as a port by making it possible for ships to bring cargoes up the River Mersey to Bank Quay. His son moved to a grand house called Bank Hall, later Warrington's Town Hall.

Patten Lane, Warrington, United Kingdom where they lived near

Bank Hall Built 1749-50 by world-famous architect James Gibbs as a home for local businessman Thomas Patten. Gibbs had previously designed St. Martin in the Fields Church in London and the Radcliffe Library in Oxford whilst Patten's wealth came from his copper works at Bank Quay. The building was bought from the family to become Warrington's Town Hall in 1872.

Town Hall, Warrington, United Kingdom where they lived (1750)