Sir Patrick Manson GCMG

Died aged c. 78

Sir Patrick Manson GCMG FRS (3 October 1844 – 9 April 1922) was a Scottish physician who made important discoveries in parasitology, and was a founder of the field of tropical medicine. He graduated from University of Aberdeen with degrees in Master of Surgery, Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Law. His medical career spanned Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and London. He discovered that filariasis in humans is transmitted by mosquitoes. This is the foundation of modern tropical medicine, and he is recognized with an epithet "Father of Tropical Medicine". His discovery directly invoked the mosquito-malaria theory, which became the foundation in malariology. He eventually became the first President of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He founded the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese (subsequently absorbed into the University of Hong Kong) and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Manson was inflicted with gout during his service in China. His recurring condition worsened with age. He died in 1922.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Sir Patrick Manson 1844-1922 father of modern tropical medicine lived here

50 Welbeck Street, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom where they lived

Birthplace of Sir Patrick Manson 1844-1922 "The Father of Tropical Medicine'. This memorial plaque has been erected by the London School of Tropical Medicine founded by him in 1899

South Road, Oldmeldrum, United Kingdom where they was born (1844)

Patrick Manson 1844-1922 father of tropical medicine first to show that insects carry disease attended the Gym (Chanonry House) School in this building

Cruickshank Building, Chanonry, Aberdeen, United Kingdom where they attended school