Dr John Snow

Died aged 45

John Snow (15 March 1813 – 16 June 1858) was an English physician and a leader in the adoption of anesthesia and medical hygiene. He is considered one of the fathers of modern epidemiology, in part because of his work in tracing the source of a cholera outbreak in Soho, London, in 1854. His findings inspired fundamental changes in the water and waste systems of London, which led to similar changes in other cities, and a significant improvement in general public health around the world.

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Dr John Snow 1813-1858 pioneer anaesthetist and epidemiologist lived in a house on this site

Frith Street W1, London, United Kingdom where they lived

To the memory of John Snow 1813-1858. Pioneer anaesthetist and epidemiologist born near here.

Park Inn, North Street, York, United Kingdom where they was born near (1813)

Dr John Snow (1813-1858) Founding father of Epidemiology. In 1854 his research linked deaths to the water pump near this site and thus determined that cholera is a water borne disease

Broadwick Street, London, United Kingdom where they worked