Henry Stephens

Died aged c. 68

Henry Stephens, MRCS (March 1796 – 15 September 1864) was a doctor, surgeon, chemist, writer, poet, inventor and entrepreneur. At medical school in London he was a friend of, and shared rooms with, poet John Keats, later wrote treatises on hernia and cholera, and conducted experiments to improve writing fluids and wood stains. In 1832 he invented an indelible blue-black writing fluid, patented it in 1837 and later formed the Stephens' Ink company which grew into a worldwide brand with a famous inkblot image.

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On this site poet & apothecary John Keats, & his friend, the poet, apothecary, surgeon & chemist Henry Stephens shared lodgings while studying at Guy's & St. Thomas' Hospitals (1815-1816)

3 St. Thomas Street, London, United Kingdom where they lived