William Davies


Died aged c. 90

William Davies Company was a pork processing and packing company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At one time, it was the largest pork packer in the British Empire, and it operated Canada's first major chain of food stores. One of Toronto's longstanding nicknames, "Hogtown", is attributable to the millions of pigs processed annually by the William Davies Company.

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139-145 Front Street East In 1867, William Davies built a two storey brick building here and established the first large meat-packing house in Toronto. J. & J. Taylor Safeworks purchased the building in 1871, and as the business flourished, added two storeys and an addition to the west and south. The buildings were renovated in 1978-80 as part of the revitalized historic St. Lawrence District.

139-145 Front Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada where they built and established the first large meat-packing house in Toronto