Sir William de la Pole

1st Mayor of Kingston upon Hull (from 1331), Knight banneret (from 1339), and Chief Baron of the Exchequer (from 1339)

Died aged unknown

Sir William de la Pole (died 21 June 1366) was a wealthy wool merchant in Kingston upon Hull, England, a royal moneylender and briefly, Chief Baron of the Exchequer. He established the de la Pole family as one of the primary houses of England through his mercantile and financial success, as well as initiating the foundation of the Charterhouse monastery in Hull.

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Site of the manor house of Sir William de la Pole (first mayor of Kingston upon Hull, 1331) and of the Suffolk Palace erected by Sir Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk. The palace was seized by the Crown (1504) and became known as "The King's Manor"

Corner of Lowgate and Alfred Gelder Street, Hull, United Kingdom where they lived