George Groves

Died aged c. 75

George Robert Groves (13 December 1901 – 4 September 1976) was a film sound pioneer who played a significant role in developing the technology that brought sound to the silent screen. He is also credited as being Hollywood’s first ‘sound man’; he was the recording engineer on the seminal Al Jolson picture, The Jazz Singer (1927), as well as many other early talkies. In a career with Warner Brothers that spanned 46 years, he rose to become their Director of Sound and won two Academy Awards.

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Centenary Of Cinema 1996 #230

George Groves leading pioneer of cinema sound won many Oscars at Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood, 1925-1972 born here in 1901

57 Duke Street, St Helens, Merseyside, United Kingdom where they was born (1901)

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Stanley S. A. Watkins (1888-1975) George R. Groves (1901-1976) The British electrical engineers who worked in America for Western Electric and Warner Bros. and played major roles in the development of 'Talking Pictures'.

Warners Cinema, Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom where they was