Stanley S. A. Watkins (1888-1975) George R. Groves (1901-1976) The British electrical engineers who worked in America for Western Electric and Warner Bros. and played major roles in the development of 'Talking Pictures'.

"Brian Hickin of AMPS contacted Warners who undertook a thorough investigation. They reported that they’d sold their cinema chain, including their flagship Leicester Square cinema, to SBC International Cinemas in 2003, who’d re-branded them all as Vue. A re-development had taken place at the West End theatre, the plaque had been removed and it was never returned. No one knows where it is now, as Warners’ spokesman commented:
“Unfortunately, we are unable to come up with any clues as to its whereabouts. Even searching in the out of the way nooks and crannies of the cinema has not yielded results.”" -

Su Lawson on Wikimedia Commons
Su Lawson on Wikimedia Commons
This is an approximate position

Plaque is now missing

Warners Cinema, Leicester Square, London
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by British Film Institute on 01 October 1996 #168 of the Centenary Of Cinema 1996 series

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