William Newton

Died aged c. 68

William Newton (1730–1798) was an English architect who worked mainly in Newcastle on Tyne and the North East of England. He was the son of Robert Newton, a builder. He married Dorothy Bell and lived for 28 years at 1, Charlotte Square, Newcastle. His work includes:- * The Infirmary, Newcastle 1751-2 * Capheaton Hall (North front) 1758 * St Anne's Church, Newcastle 1764 * Charlotte Square, Newcastle 1770 * Kielder Castle 1772 * Assembly Rooms, Newcastle 1774 * The Chapel, Royal Naval College, Greenwich 1779 (interior redecoration), with James "Athenian" Stuart * Shawdon Hall 1779 * The Castle, Castle Eden c1775 * Backworth Hall 1780 * Acton House 1781 * Howick Hall 1782 * Whitfield Hall 1785 * Hebburn Hall 1790 * Dissington Hall 1794 * Guildhall, Newcastle 1794, (refronting), with David Stephenson * Hesleyside Hall (East front) 1796 * Woodford County high school original building, Highams Hall (1768)

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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William Newton 1730-1798 Eminent local architect Responsible for numerous country houses, the Assembly Rooms, St Ann's Church & Charlotte Square He lived in this house for 28 years

1 Charlotte Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom where they lived

The Guildhall. The present building incorporates part of Robert Trollope's town court of 1655-8. North front (1796) by William Newton and David Stephenson. South front (1809). East end (1823) by John Dobson, altered 1880. The centre of town government until 1858.

Guildhall, Sandhill, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom where they designed