Rt Hon. Marquess Rufus Isaacs PC

lawyer, statesman, Member of Parliament (1904-1913), Solicitor General (1910), Attorney General of England and Wales (1910-1913), Privy Counsellor (from 1911), Lord Chief Justice of England (1913-1921), 1st Baron Reading (1914-1916), 1st Viscount Reading (1916-1917), 1st Viscount Erleigh (1917-1926), 1st Earl of Reading (1917-1926), Viceroy of India (1921-1926), 1st Marquess of Reading (from 1926), and Foreign Secretary (1931)

Died aged 75

Rufus Daniel Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading, GCB, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, PC (10 October 1860 – 30 December 1935) was a British Liberal politician and judge, who served as Lord Chief Justice of England, Viceroy of India, and Foreign Secretary, the last Liberal to hold that post. The second practising Jew to be a member of the British cabinet (the first being Herbert Samuel, who was also a member of H. H. Asquith's government), Isaacs was the first Jew to be Lord Chief Justice, and the first, and as yet, only British Jew to be raised to a marquessate.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Rufus Isaacs 1st Marquess of Reading 1860-1935 lawyer and statesman lived and died here

32 Curzon Street, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom where they lived and died (1935)