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Charlotte Brontë (1816 - 1855) In 1846 The Revd. Patrick Brontë came to Manchester for a cataract operation accompanied by his daughter Charlotte. They took lodgings at 59 Boundary Street West (formerly known as 83 Mount Pleasant) It was here that Charlotte began to write her first successful novel Jane Eyre

The Salutation, Boundary Street West, Manchester, United Kingdom where they stayed

Patrick Brontë father of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne. Was born here on 17th March 1777.

Bronte cottage, Bronte Rd, Ballyskeagh, United Kingdom where they was born (1777)

This was the home to which the Rev. Patrick Brontë, brought his bride, Maria Branwell, after their marriage on 29th December 1812. And it was here that their two eldest children, Maria & Elizabeth, were born.

Clough House, Halifax Road, Hightown, Liversedge, United Kingdom where they lived

The Brontë family vault is situated below this pillar, near to the place where the Brontë's pew stood in the old church. The following members of the family were buried here: Maria and Patrick, Maria, Elizabeth, Branwell, Emily Jane, Charlotte.

Haworth Church (interior), Main Street, Haworth, United Kingdom where they worshipped

This was the site of the gate leading to the church used by the Brontë family and through which they were carried to their final resting place in the church.

Graveyard, Haworth Church, Main Street, Haworth, United Kingdom where they worshipped

Patrick Bronte (1777-1861) The Old School Room Haworth built this school for the children of Haworth. Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne all taught here. Site of Charlotte's wedding reception in 1854

The Old School Room, Church Street, Howarth, United Kingdom where they built