Major Leon Dyer

Died aged 75

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Texas Historical Marker #16833

Major Leon Dyer. Leon Dyer was born Feist Emanual Heim (Haim) on Oct. 2, 1807 in Mayene, Germany, to John Maximilian and Isabella (Babette) Nachmann Dyer. The family immigrated to the U.S. around 1812 and settled in Baltimore where they began a meat packing business. On Oct. 4, 1833 Dyer became a citizen of the U.S. He was elected trustee of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation two years later. Shortly after being involved in the Baltimore Bank Riots in August 1835, Dyer moved to New Orleans to open a branch of the family packing house. Dyer participated in the Second Seminole War in Florida, and on Feb. 28, 1836, he was appointed Regimental Quartermaster of the Louisiana Volunteer Militia. In April 1936, Dyer met General Thomas Jefferson Green and joined the Texas War of Independence. He arrived in Galveston on April 20, 1836 and according to newspaper accounts, Dyer was appointed Major by David G, Burnet, the President of the Republic of Texas, and saw active service with clearing Western Texas of Mexican troops. It is also said that Dyer was assigned the task of escorting General Santa Anna to Washington, D.C. in Jan. 1837. From 1840-1845, Dyer returned to Baltimore, and in 1847, he received a Hays County land grant for his service to the Republic of Texas. Thereafter, he lived throughout the U.S., London, and Germany. He married his cousin, Sarah Nachman, on July 6, 1852 and they had four children. Remembered as a businessman, political activist, soldier, and diplomat, Dyer died in Louisville, Kentucky on Spet 14., 1883. He is buried at Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetary in Galveston. #16833

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