Subjects of historical plaques - D

Tess Daly
(1969-present) television presenter
Strictly Come Dancing
television series
The Dardanelles
Dark and Light
(1969-1975) theatre company
David Darst
Christian Brother
Joseph Davies VC
(1889-1976) Victoria Cross recipient
Jefferson Davis
Ann Davison
(1914-1992) first woman to single-handedly sail the Atlantic Ocean
Rev William Dawson
(d.1927) Reverend
Denny Tank
ship model experiment tank
Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital Maternity Department
Sophie von der Wall
Holocaust victim
Jayaben Desai
(1933-2010) leader of the Grunwick workers strike
Moby Dick
(1954-present) film
Dimitar Dimov
(1909-1966) writer
Directorate of State Forests and Property
government organisation
Ronald Dixon
(d.1969) firefighter
Lottie Dod
(1871-1960) Wimbledon Ladies Singles Champion
Edward C. Dodd
Titanic Disaster victim
The Dolly Field
football ground
Group Captain Edward Mortlock Donaldson CB CBE DSO AFC & Bar
(1912-1992) World Air-Speed record holder
Lonnie Donegan
(1931-2002) musician
White Horse, Dorking
public house
cattle market, Dorking
Market House, Dorking
(1597-1811) market house
Félicie Dosne
Eurydice Dosne
Fondation Dosne-Thiers
Henry Doulton
pottery manufacturer
Kinwarton Dovecote
(1400-present) dovecote
(1895-present) police house
H.M.S. Dreadnought
Andrew Drummond
Kate Duck
(d.1944) air raid victim
Henry Duck
(d.1944) air raid victim
Dundas Wharf
Lion Tavern, Dundee
Thomas Dungate
(d.1556) Protestant martyr
Durham Fusiliers Militia
Andy Durr
(1944-2014) museum curator
Gerald Durrell OBE
(1925-1995) zoologist
Red Dwarf
(1988-present) television series