Subjects of historical plaques - O

Lucius O'Brien
(1832-1899) painter
Blessed Terence O'Brien
(1600-1651) Bishop of Emly
Cathal O'Byrne
(1876-1957) singer
Peter O'Connor
(1872-1957) Olympic champion
Eugene O'Curry
(1794-1862) scholar
Frank O'Hara
(1926-1966) poet
Jerry O'Leary
(1885-1974) Town Steward
Maureen O'Sullivan
(1911-1998) actor
Richard Oastler
(1789-1861) writer
Heinz Oberländer
Holocaust victim
Clara Oberski
Holocaust victim
Martha Obrig
Holocaust victim
Dina Oelsner
Holocaust victim
John Ogilby
(1600-1676) King's Cosmographer
Johann Wolfgang Ohm
(1753-1822) locksmith
Fritz Ohrenstein
(1894-?) Holocaust victim
Erich Ohser
Holocaust victim
Rosalie Sonja Okun
Holocaust victim
Sir Mark Oliphant KBE
(1901-2000) Professor
Felix Oliven
(1879-?) Holocaust victim
Anne Oliver
Robert Ollendorff
Holocaust victim
Martha Ollendorff
(1867-1942) Holocaust victim
Oskar Olschewski
Holocaust victim
First Class Lounge from the S. S. Olympic
(1910-present) ship's lounge
Olympic Theatre, Hackney
Open Air Swimming Pool, Cirencester
(1869-present) swimming baths
Georg Oppel
Holocaust victim
Arthur Oppenheim
Holocaust victim
Selma Oppenheim
Holocaust victim
Julius Oppenheim
Holocaust victim
Rosa Oppenheimer
Holocaust victim
Else Oppler
(1907-?) Holocaust victim
Orange Street Congregational Church, London
John Orchard
Peter Orlovsky
Harry Ormesher
John Ormond
(1923-1990) poet
Dr Lord John Boyd Orr CH MC DSO FRS FRSE
(1880-1971) politician
Charles Wilfred Orr
(1893-1976) composer
J. Orr-Ewing
Alex Oschitzki
Holocaust victim
Follett Osler FRS
(1808-1903) Fellow of the Royal Society
Wilhelm Ostwald
(1853-1932) chemist
Thomas Ellis Owen
(1805-1862) architect
Bill Owen MBE
(1914-1999) Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Sir Richard Owen KCB FRS
(1804-1892) Fellow of the Royal Society
Oxford City Football Club
(1882-present) association football club
Oxford Playhouse
(1923-present) theatre
Oxfordshire Yeomanry
(1794-present) regiment