To those who in 1932 upheld the right to use bombing aeroplanes this monument is raised as a protest against war in the air. The site of this monument is the property of Sylvia Pankhurst. Design and work by Eric Benfield. Originally unveiled by R P Zaphiro, secretary of the Imperial Ethiopian Legation London. Supported by James Ranger, E J A Webster, J Davey, Sylvia Pankhurst. October 20th 1935

"the Anti-Air War Memorial had already been through the first phase of its existence. It had been raised the previous year, as ‘a protest against war in the air’, on land owned by the socialist feminist Sylvia Pankhurst. Together with her Italian companion, Silvio Corio, she was then living on the High Road in a ramshackle building called Red Cottage, which served as her campaign headquarters and the editorial office of New Times and Ethiopian News, while also doubling as a café and roadhouse" -