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The Bank of British North America On this site, in 1845, the Bank of British North America built its first branch in Toronto. The present building, designed by architect Henry Langley, replaced the original in 1875. The building later underwent several alterations, some under the direction of Burke, Horwood and White, Architects. In 1918 the Bank of British North America was incorporated into the Bank of Montreal, which retained a branch here until 1949 when the Imperial Bank purchased the building. After the Bank of Commerce and Imperial Bank merged in 1961, a branch of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce continued to operate here until 1978. Restoration and renovation work by Greymac Trust Company was completed in 1982.

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Plaque 6586


by Toronto Historical Board

Language English
Address 49 Yonge Street,
Toronto, ON, Canada [97]

Henry Langley (1836-1907)
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