Elizabeth Whitlock

woman and actor

Died aged c. 75

Elizabeth Whitlock (née Kemble; 2 April 1761, Warrington, Lancashire – 27 February 1836, Addlestone) was an English actress, a member of the Kemble family of actors. She made her first appearance on the stage in 1783. In 1785 she married Charles E. Whitlock, went with him to America, and played with much success there. She seems to have retired about 1807. Her sister was actress Sarah Siddons.

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This building, erected in 1750, was formerly the Theatre Royal managed by the celebrated John Palmer MP, originator of the mail coach system and holder of the first Royal Patent ever granted to a provincial theatre, to its stock company, for a period of four years (1778-82) belonged the renowned Sarah Siddons, with her husband and sister. Here also appeared her brothers, John Philip Kemble and Stephen Kemble. Here John Henderson and R. W. Elliston both made their first appearances on the stage and were for a long time leading actors. Samuel Foote, George Frederick Cooke, William Dimond, Benjamin Engledon, George and Mrs. Bartley, and many other famous players also acted in this theatre, which was closed in 1805.

Old Orchard Street, Bath, United Kingdom where they performed