Charles Kemble

Died aged c. 79

Charles Kemble (25 November 1775 – 12 November 1854) was a Welsh-born English actor of a prominent theatre family.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

This building was formerly the Tunbridge Wells theatre, built in 1802 by Sarah Baker. Many actors, later famous, played here, including Edmund Kean and Charles Kemble. Before the alteration of the county boundary, the theatre had the stage in Sussex and the auditorium in Kent. It later became the Corn Exchange. The building was extensively re-constructed in 1989.

Pantiles Lower Walk, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom where they played

The original Theatre Royal stood on this site from 7th February 1815 to 10th May 1936 when it was destroyed by fire. Many famous actors performed here including Charles Kemble, Mrs Dora Jordan, Joseph Grimaldi, Edmund Kean, William Charles Macready and Mrs Beerbohm Tree.

Theatre Royal, St James Street, King's Lynn, United Kingdom where they performed