Oliver Hardy

Died aged c. 65

Oliver Norvell Hardy (born Norvell Hardy; January 18, 1892 – August 7, 1957) was an American comic actor and one half of Laurel and Hardy, the double act that began in the era of silent films and lasted from 1926 to 1957. He appeared with his comedy partner Stan Laurel in 107 short films, feature films, and cameo roles. He was credited with his first film, Outwitting Dad, in 1914. In most of his silent films before joining producer Hal Roach, he was billed on screen as Babe Hardy.

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double act partner of Stan Laurel

Commemorated on 3 plaques

Norwich Hippodrome Also known as the Grand Opera House, the Hippodrome opened in 1903 and hosted a multitude of famous acts including Laurel & Hardy and the young Archie Leach before he went on to become the more famous Cary Grant

St Giles Street, Norwich, United Kingdom where they performed

Laurel & Hardy This plaque commemorates the 50th anniversary of their appearance in Southend-on-Sea in 1952

Reception area of Park Inn, Church Road, Southend-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom where they was

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy performed their legendary comedy double act here in February 1954. Norwich Hippodrome, which stood on this site until its demolition in 1966, also hosted the debut in 1916 of a 12 year old acrobat Archie Leach, later known as Cary Grant.

Entrance to St Giles Street car park, Norwich, United Kingdom where they performed