Site of Cost School. In the 1890s, children of families living in the Cost community, originally known as Oso, attended area schools that were part of the White School District No. 38 and the County School District No. 38-1/2 to the east. By 1903, the county built the Cost Community School, although some students attended Oso School about two miles west of Cost. In 1915, officials created the Cost Common School District No. 22. Trustees R.N. Hester, B.L. Dikes, Otto Luescher, Ernst Schieberle and Samuel Lester hired noted architect Henry T. Phelps to design a new building to house grades one through ten at this site on land given and sold to the district by Schieberle and Dikes. Gonzales resident Fred Meisenhelder won the contract for construction, and the two-story brick schoolhouse opened its doors to 125 students on October 2, 1916. In May 1918, the first students graduated from the school. During the next several years, the school curriculum expanded from basic subjects to include music, homemaking, manual training (shop) and athletics. The district added a wood-frame lunchroom facility in 1948. The next year, the Cost District was annexed into the Gonzales Independent School District, and students began making the transition to Gonzales schools. Cost School closed its doors in May 1959, and the next year a local property owner bought it and used the bricks to construct a home across the road. For many years, community groups continued to use the former lunchroom for meetings, but today the Cost School is only a memory. (2006) #13546