John Paston

Died aged 44

John Paston I (10 October 1421 – 21 or 22 May 1466) was an English country gentleman and landowner. He was the eldest son of the judge William Paston, Justice of the Common Pleas. After he succeeded his father in 1444, his life was marked by conflict occasioned by a power struggle in East Anglia between the dukes of Suffolk and Norfolk, and by his involvement in the affairs of his wife's kinsman, Sir John Fastolf. A number of his letters survive among the Paston Letters, a rich source of historical information for the lives of the English gentry of the period.

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Paston House In the 14th-15th centuries a house on this site belonged to members of the Paston family, who wrote the famous Paston Letters which chronicle the lives of a wealthy Norfolk family during the Wars of the Roses. After the fire of 1507, the present house was built by Augustine Steward, three times Mayor and also Sheriff of Norwich.

The Strangers' Club, 22-24 Elm Hill, Norwich, United Kingdom where they lived