Lord Randolph Churchill

Died aged c. 46

Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill (13 February 1849 – 24 January 1895) was a British statesman. Churchill was a Tory radical and coined the term 'Tory democracy'. He inspired a generation of party managers, created the National Union of the Conservative Party, and broke new ground in modern budgetary presentations, attracting admiration and criticism from across the political spectrum. His most acerbic critics were in his own party, among his closest friends; but his disloyalty to Lord Salisbury was the beginning of the end of what could have been a glittering career. His elder son was Winston Churchill, who wrote a biography of him in 1906.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Lord Randolph Churchill 1849-1895 statesman lived here 1883-1892

2 Connaught Place, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1883-1892)

Rosetta Cottage. Lies the other of this road and here, in Cowes week 1873, Lord Randolph Churchill first met and proposed to Jennie Jerome, eldest daughter of American Leonard Jerome, then proprietor of The New York Times. Their marriage bore them their first son Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill 30th November 1874.

Queen's Road, Cowes, United Kingdom where they first met (1873)