Dr Thomas Beddoes

Died aged c. 48

Thomas Beddoes (13 April 1760 – 24 December 1808) was an English physician and scientific writer. He was born in Shifnal, Shropshire and died in Bristol fifteen years after opening his medical practice there. He was a reforming practitioner and teacher of medicine, and an associate of leading scientific figures. He worked to treat tuberculosis. Beddoes was a friend of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and, according to E. S. Shaffer, an important influence on Coleridge's early thinking, introducing him to the higher criticism. The poet Thomas Lovell Beddoes was his son. A painting of him by Samson Towgood Roch is in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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Family tree

Commemorated on 3 plaques

Thomas Beddoes (1760-1808) scientist, lived here

11 Hope Square, Bristol, United Kingdom where they lived

John George Lambton 1st Earl of Durham High Commisioner & Governor-General of British North America 1838 whose famous report inspired all subsequent British colonial policy lived in this house 1798-1805 as a pupil of Dr. Beddoes.

3 Rodney Place, Bristol, United Kingdom where they taught

Sir Humphry Davy lived in this house in 1798 with Thomas Beddoes. M.D. whose son Thomas Lovell Beddoes. poet was born here 1803 Maria Edgeworth his aunt visited here

3 Rodney Place, Bristol, United Kingdom where they lived