Sir Robert Peel 1st Baronet

Died aged c. 80

Sir Robert Peel, 1st Baronet (25 April 1750 – 3 May 1830) was a British politician and industrialist and one of early textile manufacturers of the Industrial Revolution. He is one of ten known British millionaires in 1799. He was the father of Sir Robert Peel, twice Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Family tree

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Sir Robert Peel 1750-1830 manufacturer and reformer, and his son, Sir Robert Peel 1788-1850 Prime Minister, founder of the Metropolitan Police lived here

16 Upper Grosvenor Street, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom where they lived

A farmhouse here was the early home of Sir Robert Peel BART (1750-1830) father of Robert Peel, Prime Minister

Barton Street, Blackburn, United Kingdom where they lived