Brian Epstein

Died aged c. 33

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band manager of The Beatles 1962-67

Commemorated on 3 plaques

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Brian Epstein The Beatles Manager and impresario worked here 1963-1964

13 Monmouth St, London, United Kingdom where they worked

Brian Epstein 1934-67 Managed the Beatles and other artists from these offices 1964-67

Sutherland House in Argyll Street, London, United Kingdom where they was

This plaque commemorates the birth here of Brian Samuel Epstein Brian was the elder son of Harry and Queenie. As the Beatles' manager he had the flair and business acumen to tackle and overcome the initial skepticism of the London-based music business to the Beatles' music. Brian oversaw the Beatles' meteoric rise to global fame before his sad and untimely death. Born 19 September 1934 Died London 27 August 1967

4 Rodney Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom where they was born (1934)