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Earlham Hall The home of the Gurney family from 1786-1912. It was visited by their many friends including Amelia Opie, Harriet Martineau and William Wilberforce. The hall dates from c 1642.

Earlham Hall, Norwich, United Kingdom where they visited

Amelia Opie 1769-1853 Authoress and Philanthropist born in a house which stood on this site, married John Opie the portrait painter in 1798.

Between St Georges and Water Lane, Colegate, Norwich, United Kingdom where they was born (1769)

Amelia Opie Authoress, Dramatist, Poetess and brilliant Consversationalist. Wife of John Opie the famous Portrait painter and daughter of James Alderson the eminent surgeon of St George's Colegate Street Lived in this or an adjacent house Born Nov 19th 1769 Died Dec 2nd 1853 Interred in the Old World Friends Burial Ground of the Gilldencroft

Castle Meadow / Opie Street, Norwich, United Kingdom where they lived