David Hartley


Died aged c. 81

David Hartley the Younger (1732 – 19 December 1813) was a statesman, a scientific inventor and the son of the philosopher David Hartley. He was Member of Parliament (MP) for Kingston upon Hull, and also held the position of His Britannic Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary, appointed by King George III to treat with the United States of America as to American independence and other issues after the American Revolution. He was a signatory to the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War. Hartley was the first MP to put the case for abolition of the slave trade before the House of Commons, moving a resolution in 1776 that "the slave trade is contrary to the laws of God and the rights of men".

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

David Hartley (1732–1813)

David Hartley (1732–1813) [full inscription unknown]

Tibbet’s Corner, Putney Heath, SW15, London, United Kingdom where they was

En ce bâtiment Jadis Hôtel d'York le 3 septembre 1783 David Hartley, au nom du Roi d'Angleterre, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, John Adams, au nom des Etats-Unis d'Amérique, ont signé le Traité Définitif de Paix reconnaissant l'indépendence des Etats-Unis.

English translation: In this building formerly York Hotel on September 3, 1783 David Hartley, on behalf of the King of England, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, John Adams, on behalf of the United States of America, signed the Final Treaty of Peace recognizing the independence of the United States. [AWS Translate]

56 rue Jacob, Paris, France where they signed the Definitive Treaty of Peace recognizing the independence of the United States (1783)