Subjects of historical plaques - A

'Allo 'Allo!
(1982-1992) television series
Fanny Aavatsmark
Hyde Abbey
(1110-1539) monastery
Abbey Gateway, Chester
Jacobite troops, Aberdeen
Old Bank, Accrington
(1858-present) retail bank
Conservative Club, Accrington
(1891-present) Conservative Club
Register Office, Accrington
(1878-present) register office
Town Hall, Accrington
(1858-present) town hall
Accrington Stanley Football Club
association football club
Jessie Ace
Electric Theatre, Ackworth
(1915-1929) cinema
Daniel Wade Acraman
(1775-1847) merchant
Acraman's Warehouse
(1831-present) warehouse
John Adamson
Robert Adrain
(1775-1843) mathematician
Edgar Douglas Adrian OM PRS
(1889-1977) Order of Merit recipient
Aretas Akers-Douglas
(1851-1926) Home Secretary of the United Kingdom
Azzedine Alaïa
(1957-2017) couturier
Damon Albarn
(1968-present) band member
F. A. Albin
funeral director
Mary Alcock
William Alexander
(1567-1640) Earl of Stirling
All Saints Home
(1889-1910) orphanage
Eleanor Allen
Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
(1891-1956) Doctor of Economics
allotment gardens, Ambleside
allotment gardens
village pump, Ambleside
town pump
Court House, Ambleside
court house
Ancient Order of Druids
(1781-present) society
Jon Anderson
Thomas David Anderson
(1853-1932) astronomer
Benny Andersson
(1946-present) band member
Agnes Arber
(1879-1960) botanist
National Indoor Arena, Birmingham
(1991-present) The NIA
prisoners of war from the Spanish Armada
prisoner of war
John Arnott
department store
Arnside railway station
(1857-present) railway station
Bluecoat Society of Arts
Robert Aske
(d.1537) leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace
Assembly Rooms, Wakefield
assembly rooms
Aberdeen Association Football Club
(1881-present) association football club
Association of Voluntary Guides to the City Of York
(1951-present) association
Sergey Asyamov
Thomas Austin
(1815-1892) department store owner
(1830-2016) department store
The Austrian Centre
(1939-1947) community centre
Edith Ayrton
(1879-1945) campaigner for votes for women
William Edmonstoune Aytoun