Subjects of historical plaques - A

George Abbot
Ludwig Abraham
(1888-1943) Holocaust victim
Horst Emil Abraham
(1929-present) Holocaust victim
Elsa Abraham
(1894-?) Holocaust victim
Anna Abraham
(1872-1944) Holocaust victim
Felix Abraham
(1901-1937) Holocaust victim
Hedwig Abraham
(1879-1943) Holocaust victim
Walter Abrahamsohn
(1909-?) Holocaust victim
David Abrahamsohn
(1876-1942) Holocaust victim
Hirsch Abramowicz
(1873-?) Holocaust victim
Friedrich Abt
(1899-?) Holocaust victim
Commercial Hotel, Accrington
(1881-1977) commercial hotel
Alexander Adam
(1868-1941) Holocaust victim
Jutta Adam
(1931-present) Holocaust victim
Gertrud Adam
(1869-?) Holocaust victim
Michael Adam
(1937-present) Holocaust victim
Gladstone Adams
(1880-1966) photographer
Sir William Addison
(1905-1992) author
Frank Adler
Leo Adler
(1898-1939) Holocaust victim
Edmond Adout
(1889-?) Holocaust victim
HMS Affray
(1944-1951) Royal Navy submarine
William Harrison Ainsworth
(1805-1882) writer
Albert Dock, Liverpool
(1841-present) dock
Catharine Buchanan Alderton JP MP
(1869-1951) Justice of the Peace
Dame Dr Louisa Aldrich-Blake DBE Ch.M.
(1865-1925) Master of Surgery
Ira Aldridge
(1807-1867) Shakespearian actor
Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander
(1898-1989) civil rights activist
Alienation Office
(1577-1835) government organisation
Rosemary Alley
Helen Allingham RWS
(1848-1926) watercolourist
William Amey VC MM
(1881-1940) Victoria Cross recipient
Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen
(1880-present) society
Lale Andersen
(1905-1972) singer-songwriter
John Anderson
(1853-1911) hotelier
Dr Andrew Anderson, Jr.
(1839-1924) Doctor of Medicine
Major John Andre
(1750-1780) British Army Major
Queen Anne of Cleeves
(1515-1557) Queen Consort of England
St. Margaret of Antioch
Barton Canal Aqueducts
Kenneth Armitage CBE
(1916-2002) Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Lord William Armstrong CB FRS
(1810-1900) Fellow of the Royal Society
Clara Arnheim
(1885-1942) Holocaust victim
Erika Aronsbach
(1924-1942) Holocaust victim
Sir Ove Arup
(1895-1988) engineer
A.F. Asher
Peter Themis Assimack
Austin Friars, Canterbury
Austin friary
Old Courthouse, Axminster
United Reformed Church, Axminster
(1698-present) church