Subjects of historical plaques - A

Ali Mohammed Abbas
(1922-1979) barrister
Montague Abbott
(1902-1989) carter
John Jacob Abel MD
(1857-1938) medical doctor (US)
Exchequer Row, Aberdeen
Poultry Market Lane, Aberdeen
Aberdeen Musical Society
(1748-1806) society
Herta Abraham
(1895-?) Holocaust victim
Richard Abraham
(1895-1942) Holocaust victim
James Adams
watch manufacturer
Georgia Anne Adams
Naomi Lawrence Jay Adams
Richard Addinsell
(1904-1977) composer
Howard Agg
Mary Aikenhead
(1787-1858) foundress of the Irish Sisters of Charity
Anna Akhmatova
(1889-1966) poet
Alameda del Tajo
Azuda y Molino de la Albolafia
water wheel
Afonso de Albuquerque
(1453-1515) builder
John Alder
(1712-1780) lottery winner
William Alexander
(1826-1894) writer
King Alfonso XIII of Spain
(1886-1941) King of Spain
(1844-1900) Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Elizabeth Allan
(1910-1990) stage star
John Kirby Allen
Margery Allingham
(1904-1966) author of crime fiction
Samuel G. Allison
Alma Bridge, Sidmouth
Alminar de San Sebastian
Elise Altona
(1880-?) Holocaust victim
Alfred Altona
(1847-1942) Holocaust victim
Julián Nuñez Andreu D.
Don Arden
(1926-2007) impresario
Ards Circuit
(1928-1936) motor racing circuit
Neil Arnott
(1789-1874) inventor of the water bed
Paul Aronsbach
(1887-?) Holocaust victim
Selma Aronsbach
(1895-1942) Holocaust victim
Erwin Aronsohn
(1906-1942) Holocaust victim
Luise Aronstein
(1879-?) Holocaust victim
Sir Thomas Arundell
(1502-1552) Knight Bachelor
Charles Robert Ashbee
(1863-1942) architect
Albert Ashmore
(1906-1985) co-founder of the Fairfield Christmas Carol Services
Ashton Parish Workhouse
(1730-1851) workhouse
Assembly House, Newcastle Upon Tyne
(1716-1736) assembly rooms
Assembly Rooms, Derby
(1765-1974) assembly rooms
Assembly Rooms, Presteigne
assembly rooms
Atascosa County Courthouse
Berthold Auerbach
(1888-?) Holocaust victim
(1910-1963) company
Ayuntamiento, Granada
(1837-present) town hall
Ayuntamiento, Ronda
(1734-present) town hall