Subjects of historical plaques - T

Marie Taglioni
(1809-1884) ballet dancer
Venerable Matt Talbot
(1856-1925) Venerable
Time & Talents
Tameside Hippodrome
Robin Tanner
(1904-1988) etcher
Taradale Mechanics' Institute
(1858-present) Mechanics' Institute
Sir Henry Tate 1st Baronet
(1819-1899) sugar magnate
William M. Tatum
Clifford A. Tatum
Henry Taunt
(1842-1922) photographer
Robert Taylor GC
(1920-1950) George Cross recipient
Dr John Taylor
(1710-1788) Doctor - Bachelor of Medicine MBBS
Claudia Taylor
Tenby House
(1821-present) house
William Sydney Thayer MD
medical doctor (US)
The Boomtown Rats
(1975-1986) band
Theatre Lane, Aberdeen
Thornton Theatre, Gosport
(1796-1826) theatre
Theological Seminary, Kaluga
Sir Benjamin Thompson FRS
(1753-1814) inventor
James Thomson
(1700-1748) poet
William de Thweng
Ben Tillett MP
(1861-1943) President of TUC
George T. Todd
(1839-1913) district attorney
Tollgate, Llanelli
(d.1843) toll gate
Guy Broadwith Tordoff
(1908-1990) Esperanto teacher
Yves Toudic
Town Hall, Eccles
town hall
Town Hall, Salford
(1825-present) town hall
Town House, Aberdeen
(1867-present) toll booth
Town Stocks, Axminster
Walter Townsend
Frederick Bryan Townsend
Virginia Armistead Townsend
Light Stapleton Townsend
Henry Treece
(1911-1966) poet
Robert Tressell
(1870-1911) author
Trinity House
general lighthouse authority for England, Wales and the Channel Islands
alcoholic drink
Hedwig Tuchler
(1888-?) Holocaust victim
Tudor House, Wokingham
Jethro Tull
(1674-1741) agriculturist
Captain John J. Tumlinson
Texas Army captain
Wally Turley
(d.1940) Auxiliary Fire Service sub officer
Frank Edwin Prince Turner
Charles Conrad Turner
William Turner
(1789-1862) artist
General Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner GCH
(1764-1843) Governor of the Bermudas
Thompson Cemetery, Copeville, TX
Ernest Tyldesley
(1889-1962) cricketer