Subjects of historical plaques - T

Oliver Tambo
(1917-1993) former President of the African National Congress
Adelaide Tambo
(1929-2007) anti-apartheid activist
James Napper Tandy
(1740-1803) soldier
R. H. Tawney
(1880-1962) historian
E.R.A.3. Maurice Taylor
(d.1951) Engine Room Artificer 3rd class
Rachel Annand Taylor
(1876-1960) poet
Sir Robert Taylor
(1714-1788) architect
William Taylor
(1876-1935) potter
David Taylor
Count Vladimir Tchertkov
(1854-1936) Count
S.M. Norman Temple
(d.1951) Stoker Mechanic
The Most Rev. William Temple
(1881-1944) writer
Smithson Tennant FRS
(1761-1815) isolator of the rare noble metals osmium and iridium from native platinum deposits
Charles Vernon Terrell
Lionel Tertis
(1876-1975) viola player
Joshua Tetley
William Makepeace Thackeray
(1811-1863) novelist
Elisabeth von Thadden
Holocaust victim
Rt Hon. Margaret Thatcher OM PC FRS FRIC LG
(1925-2013) Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry
Kathleen Thomas
(1906-1992) swimming legend
Joseph Thomas
(1838-1901) designer of the connection of the Looe & Caradon Railway with the GWR
William Thomas
(1799-1860) architect
Flora Thompson
(1876-1947) writer
William Thompson
(1811-1880) All-England champion bare-knuckle prize-fighter
Silvanus Phillips Thompson
(1851-1916) physicist
John Thorpe
John Thurloe
(1616-1668) Secretary of State of the United Kingdom
Arthur Tichauer
Holocaust victim
Edith Tichauer
Holocaust victim
Lokamanya Tilak
(1856-1920) Indian patriot
Vesta Tilley
(1864-1952) music hall artiste
Tithe Barn, Abergavenny
tithe barn
Johann Daniel Titius
(1729-1796) physicist
Tolpuddle Martyrs
Francis William Topham
(1808-1877) illustrator
Bondgate Tower
Town Hall, Abergavenny
(1870-present) town hall
Town Hall, Cardiff
(1853-1905) town hall
Mary Townley
(1753-1839) architect
Lt John Treleaven
(d.1951) Royal Navy Lieutenant
Joseph Trewavas VC AB CGM
(1835-1905) Able Seaman
Frank Tribune
Henry Trigg
L.S.M. Victor Trimby
(d.1951) Leading Stoker Mechanic
Ernest George Trobridge
(1884-1942) architect
Sub Lt Robin Tugman
(d.1951) Royal Navy Sub-lieutenant
Alan Turing
(1912-1954) code-breaker
Joseph Mallord William Turner RA
(1775-1851) Royal Academician
Twin Galaxies
games arcade
Wat Tyler