Subjects of historical plaques - C

Edward Cadbury
(1873-1948) industrialist
George Cadbury Junior
(1878-1954) chocolate manufacturer
Marie Cahn
(1879-1942) Holocaust victim
Caile House
Donald Cameron
(1939-present) manufacturer
Colen Campbell
(1676-1729) architect
Canals in Wartime
(1918-1945) canal
Edward Capell
(1713-1781) censor of plays
Carmelite Friary, Hull
(d.1539) Carmelite friary
Bennett Joseph Carter
(1875-1934) father
René Cassin
(1887-1976) Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Rt Hon. Viscount Robert Cecil CH PC QC
(1864-1958) diplomat
Cooper Creek Cemetery, Denton, TX
Cedar Springs Cemetery, Rosebud, TX
Chapel Hill Cemetery, San Augustine, TX
Clark Cemetery, Weatherford, TX
CBSO Centre
(1997-present) rehearsal centre
Chapman's Hall
(1130-present) hall
Charles V , Holy Roman Emperor
(1500-1588) Holy Roman Emperor
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
(1874-1936) poet
Christ's Hospital
(1607-present) hospital
Christchurch Market
(1150-present) market
King Henri Christophe of Haïti
(1767-1820) former slave
Church of St. Ruel, Winchester
(1172-present) church
Central Baptist Church, TX
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
(1920-present) orchestra
Paul Claudel
(1868-1955) writer
John Clingan
(d.1716) mercer
Clingan's Trust
(1736-present) charity
Francis Cobb
(1726-1802) banker
Sir Alan Cobham KBE
(1894-1973) aviator
Jean Cocteau
(1889-1963) writer
John Colson
(1820-1895) architect
Compton Hall
(1840-present) hall
The Conduit, Leicester
Joseph Conrad
(1857-1924) novelist
John Constable RA
(1776-1837) painter
Convent Walk
(1911-present) path
Cooks Hall
(1500-1771) hall
Camp Shed Cemetery, Cooper, TX
Henry Cort
(1740-1800) ironmaster
Fred Rider Cotten
Lewis Nockalls Cottingham
(1787-1847) architect
County Gaol, Salisbury
(1569-1823) gaol
Court Royal
(1947-present) convalescent home for South Wales miners
Eli Cox
(1838-1890) architect
Robert Harvey Cox
(1754-1815) watchmaker
William Vanoy Criswell
Calvin Maples Cureton
(1874-1940) judge
Marie Curie
(1867-1934) chemist