Subjects of historical plaques - W

Thomas Walder
(1766-1861) clockmaker
Izaak Walton
(1593-1683) writer
Sgt John Ward
(1847-1911) United States Army Sergeant
White Hart Inn, Ware
(1426-present) inn
Earl William De Warenne
(d.1099) Earl of Surrey or Warenne
Samuel Hazzledine Warren
(1873-1958) palaeontologist
General George Washington
(1732-1799) Father of his country
Pete Waterman OBE
(1947-present) Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Muddy Waters
(1913-1983) musician
James Waterston
Alfred Watkins
(1855-1935) pioneer photographer
Dr John Watson
Doctor of Medicine
George Neville Watson
(1886-1965) mathematician
(1988-present) sculpture
Evelyn Waugh
(1903-1966) writer
Zacharias Weinreb
Holocaust victim
Rosa Weinreb
Holocaust victim
Ike Weir
(1867-1908) featherweight boxing champion of the World
Victor Weisz
(1913-1966) cartoonist
Joseph Werner
Charles Wesley
(1757-1834) musician
West Riding House of Correction
(1595-present) prison
Westinghouse Atom Smasher
industrial Van de Graaff generator
Sir Richard Westmacott
(1775-1856) sculptor
Weymouth Ritz
(1908-1954) theatre
Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS
(1802-1875) scientist
William Hale White
(1831-1913) novelist
Whitefriar's Priory, Gloucester
(1268-1643) priory
Whitehall Cinema
Mary Whittaker
Whorouly Library Hall
(1907-present) Mechanics' Institute
James Harvey Wilbarger
Sam Wild
Commander of the British Battalion of the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War
Brian Wilde
(1927-2008) actor
Amon Henry Wilds
(1784-1857) Brighton Regency architect
Zephaniah Williams
(1795-1874) Chartist
Sir George Williams
(1821-1905) founder of Young Men's Christian Association
Thomas Willingale
(1799-1870) lopper
Bill Willis
(d.1940) Air Raid Precautions stretcher bearer
Wing Ching Restaurant
(1891-present) restaurant
Winter Gardens, Blackpool
winter garden
Wintergarden Harrogate
(1897-1938) winter garden
John Wisden
(1826-1884) cricketer
Senta Wolff
(1886-?) Holocaust victim
Bianka Wolff
(1866-1943) Holocaust victim
Edgar Wood
(1860-1936) artist
manor house
workhouse, Chalfont St Peter
Wreay Cemetery, Athens, TX