Subjects of historical plaques - W

Gilbert Wakefield
(1756-1801) theologian
Admiral John Edward Walcott RN
(1790-1868) Royal Navy Admiral
Jim Walker
American settler
Edgar Wallace
(1875-1932) writer
Sam Wanamaker
(1919-1993) actor
Mary Augusta Ward
(1851-1920) social reformer
Washington Cemetery, TX
Alfred Waterhouse
(1830-1905) architect
The Waterloo Hotel, Runcorn
Sir Henry Wellcome FRS
(1853-1936) Fellow of the Royal Society
St Werburgh
(d.699) Saint
Samuel Sebastian Wesley
(1810-1876) church musician
Wesleyan Church, Rusholme
(1862-present) church
Butter And Fish Market, Haverford West
Edward Westermarck
(1862-1939) pioneer of social anthropology
Western Flying Post and Yeovil Times
Western Gazette
Ernest Westlake FGS
(1856-?) Fellow of the Geological Society
Westminster Bank
(1834-1968) bank
Samuel Whitbread
(1720-1796) brewer
Richard White
Whitmarsh and White
(1808-1835) bank
Oscar Wilde
(1854-1900) wit
Thornton Wilder
(1897-1975) novelist
Walter Wilkinson
(1888-1970) puppeteer
John Wilkinson
Henry Wills
(1856-1922) engineer
Sir Rt Hon. Lord Harold Wilson OBE KG PC
(1916-1995) Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Matthew Wilson
Major Vincent Wing RHA
(d.1888) British Army Major
Major Walter Clopton Wingfield
(1833-1912) father of lawn tennis
Winnie The Pooh
(1921-present) teddy bear
Ellen Sutcliffe Witham
John Woburn
Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, London
Woburn Almshouse
(1477-present) almshouse
Herbert Wolf
Holocaust victim
General James Wolfe
(1727-1759) Victor of Quebec
Georges Wolinski
(1934-2015) cartoonist
Rt Hon. Sir Viscount Field-Marshal Garnet Wolseley KP OM PC GCB VD GCMG
(1833-1913) Privy Counsellor
Sir Henry Wood CH FRCM
(1869-1944) Fellow of the Royal College of Music
Sir Rt Hon. Lord Viscount Earl Edward Wood KG OM PC GCSI TD GCIE GCMG
(1881-1959) statesman
Woodford Hall
(d.1900) house
John Woolmer
Mayor of Stratford
Dorothy Wordsworth
(1771-1855) diarist
Mary Wordsworth
Frank Worrell
(1924-1967) England cricketer
King Wulfhere of Mercia
(d.675) King of Mercia
James Wyatt RA
(1746-1813) architect
Thomas Henry Wyatt
(1807-1880) architect
Wyndham House