Subjects of historical plaques - G

Riguccio Galluzzi
(1739-1801) historian
Edinburgh Physic Garden
(1675-present) physic garden
Arthur Duncan Gardner FRCP FRCS
(1884-1977) bacteriologist
St Martin's Gate
(1154-1787) gatehouse
Stonebow and Guildhall Gateway
General Charles De Gaulle
(1890-1970) President of the French National Committee
William Gear RBSA FRSA RA
(1915-1997) Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Alexandra Mary Geddes
The Life and Times of David Lloyd George
(1981) television series
George Inn, Pateley Bridge
(1664-present) inn
King George VI of the United Kingdom
(1895-1952) King of the United Kingdom
The George, Bishop's Castle
public house
Jane Gibson
Vito Gigante
(1866-1921) physicist
Paul Gilbertson
(1962-present) band member
James Gillespie
Stuart Gilson
Ferdinando Giorgi
Queen Mary School for Girls
(1930-1999) school
Chiesa dei Santi Simone e Giuda
(1192-present) church
University of Glasgow
(1451-present) University
Glasgow Humane Society
(1790-present) society
Glen Cinema Disaster
(1929) disaster
Jim Glennie
(1963-present) band member
Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester
(1946-present) Duchess of Gloucester
William Godwin
(1756-1836) author of An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
Golden Hinde
(1577-present) ship
Emma Goldman
(1869-1940) publisher of radical magazine Mother Earth
Glenn Goodman
Sophia Goulden
(1833-1910) political activist
Duncan Grant
(1885-1978) textile designer
Bernie Grant
(1944-2000) council leader
Great Union Camera Obscura
(1890-present) camera obscura
Bramley Village Green
village green
Green Man, Bishop's Castle
public house
Rev William Greenwell DCL FRS FSA
(1820-1918) Fellow of the Royal Society
Caroline Louisa Gregory
Juliana Gregory
Maria Gregory
Richard Grenville
Sir George Grey KCB
(1827-1883) Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath
Ben Hill Griffin, Jr.
(1910-1990) citrus grower
Giovanni Gronchi
(1887-1978) President of the Italian Republic
Walter Gropius
Museo Etrusco Guarnacci
(1761-present) museum
Mario Guarnaccio
(1701-1785) abbot
Edinburgh Film Guild
(1929-present) guild
Arthur Guinness
(1725-1803) brewer
One O' Clock Gun
(1024-1108) architect