Subjects of historical plaques - P

Franziska Packscher
Holocaust victim
Sir Frederick Handley Page
(1885-1962) aircraft designer
Paley and Austin
(1867-present) architect
Peter Pan
(1902-present) fictional character
John Papworth
Alicia Pardo
popular militant
Paris Gum Factory
Thomas Park FSA
(1759-1834) antiquary
Park Theatre, Glasgow
(1941-1949) theatre
Stephen Parkes
Sir Hubert Parry 1st Baronet
(1848-1918) musician
Elsbeth Pasch
Holocaust victim
Dan Patch
(1896-1916) horse
Walter Pater
(1839-1894) aesthete
Richard Peacock
(1820-1889) founder member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Mervyn Peake
(1911-1968) author
Pecan Springs School
Henry Pelham FRS
(1694-1754) Fellow of the Royal Society
Sir Henry Pellatt
(1859-1939) industrialist
George Penrose
producer of Waterford Glass
Sir Rt Hon. Lord Duke Hugh Percy KG PC
(1714-1786) Baronet Smithson of Stanwick
Dr Henry Perin
Doctor of Medicine
Martin Pfluger
William Pfluger
Samuel Phelps
(1804-1878) tragedian
Charles-Louis Philippe
(1874-1909) writer
Sir Lt Gen Thomas Picton GCB
(1758-1815) British Army Lieutenant General
Sir Arthur Pinero
(1855-1934) playwright
Pinkston Cemetery, Gladewater, TX
(1877-present) cemetery
Kurt Pinkus
(1900-?) Holocaust victim
Asllan Pireva
Elisabeth Lilly Plaut
Holocaust victim
Sir Nigel Playfair
(1874-1934) actor-manager
Pleasanton City Cemetery, Pleasanton, TX
Clara Plessner
Holocaust victim
Minna Plessner
Holocaust victim
Polytechnic Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX
Georges Pompidou
(1911-1974) President of the French Republic
Portobello Road Market
(1951-present) antiques market
Post Office, Yeovil
post office
Poultry Cross, Salisbury
market cross
Ezra Pound
(1885-1972) poet
Peak District and Northern Counties Footpaths Preservation Society
(1894-present) society
Florence Price
Dr James Cowles Prichard FRS
(1786-1848) Doctor of Medicine
Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Princeton, TX
The Prisoner
television series
John P. Pritchett
Samuel Prout
(1783-1852) topographical watercolourist
Albert Green Pullium