Subjects of historical plaques - P

George Padmore
(1903-1959) Pan-Africanist
William Page
Sir Joseph Paine
(1599-1668) Sheriff of Norwich
Peter Pane AB
(d.1951) Able Seaman
Sir Anthony Panizzi
(1797-1879) Knight Bachelor
Sylvia Pankhurst
(1882-1960) campaigner for women's rights
General Pasquale Paoli
(1725-1807) Corsican Army General
Shayanuja Parathasangary
(d.2005) bombing victim
Isolda Parewastel
pilgrim in Jerusalem
George Parfitt
builder of one of Britain's earliest petrol driven vehicles
E.R.A.2. George Parker
(d.1951) Engine Room Artificer 2nd class
Alexander Parkes
(1813-1890) inventor of the first plastic
Parliament Street
narrowest street in the world
Adrian Parmenter
(1589-1663) Mayor of Norwich
Coventry Patmore
(1823-1896) poet
Louis Paulhan
(1883-1963) pioneer aviator
The Pavement
(1378-present) street
Dr Innes Pearse
(1889-1978) Doctor - Bachelor of Medicine MBBS
P.O. Dennis Pearson
(d.1951) Royal Navy Petty Officer
Karl Pearson
(1857-1936) pioneer statistician
John Loughborough Pearson
(1817-1897) architect
Charles Edmund Peczenik
(1877-1967) architect
George H. Peirce
(d.1971) foreman
Penguin Books
(1935-present) publisher
Isaac Pennock
Captain William Penny RN
(1809-1892) Arctic explorer
Spencer Perceval
(1762-1812) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Sir William Henry Perkin FRS
(1838-1907) Fellow of the Royal Society
Ruth Perl
Holocaust victim
Nancy Perriam
(1767-1865) powder monkey
Richard Perring
Clerk of the Cheque at Sheerness and Plymouth Dockyards
Dr Stephen Perse
(1548-1615) Doctor of Medicine
Jack Petersen OBE TD
(1911-1990) boxer
Sir Nikolaus Pevsner
(1902-1983) architectural historian
John Phillip RA
(1817-1867) Royal Academician
Frank Pick
(1878-1941) pioneer of good design for London Transport
Sir Isaac Pitman
(1813-1897) teacher
Ponchatoula Depot
(1854-present) train depot
Louisa E. Porter
Kenilworth Pound
animal pound
Edwin Pover
Cecil Powell FRS
(1903-1969) Fellow of the Royal Society
Elvis Presley
(1935-1977) singer
Sub Lt Robin Preston
(d.1951) Royal Navy Sub-lieutenant
J. B. Priestley OM
(1894-1984) novelist
Edward Prior
Priory of the Blackfriars
(1278-1538) priory
Probe Records
record shop
Johanna Propper
(1903-1942) Holocaust victim
Rev A. W. Pryor