Subjects of historical plaques - S

Francis Owen Salisbury
(1874-1962) painter
George Sand
(1804-1876) writer
Sarehole Mill
(1542-present) mill
Pietro Scoppetta
(1863-1920) painter
Hew Scott
(1791-1872) Minister
Seamen's Mission
Station 39 of the London Auxiliary Ambulance Service
(1939-1945) ambulance station
John Shakespeare
The Shambles, Blandford Forum
(1734-present) street
Thomas Sheppard
(1876-1945) curator
Christopher Latham Sholes
(1819-1890) inventor of the first practical typewriter
Nevil Shute
(1899-1960) novelist
Sarah Siddons
Frederick Richard Simms
(1863-1944) father of the British Motor Industry
Smethwick Cross Tollhouse
(1820-present) toll house
Smethwick Engine
(1779-1891) steam engine
William Henry Smith
(1792-1865) newsagent
William Henry Smith
(1825-1891) bookseller
Sobraon Barracks
(1900-1960) barracks
St. Andrew Society of York
(1894-present) society
Dr Nahum Sokolow
(1859-1936) journalist
Francesco Solimena
(1657-1747) architect
Thomas Somerscales
(1842-1927) marine artist
Henry Somerset
(1847-1924) Duke of Beaufort
Alexis Soyer
(1810-1858) inventor
Hannibal Speer
(1826-1915) Hannibal Sandys
St Clement's Chapel, Norwich
St John Maddermarket
St John the Evangelist Church, Norwich
(d.1300) church
St Mary Del Quay, Liverpool
St Thomas's Church, Monmouth
(1180-present) church
St. Hilda's Parish Church, Middlesbrough
(1840-1970) church
St. Patrick's Gate
St. Thomas's Church, Monmouth
(1180-present) church
Earl Philip Stanhope
(1673-1726) Earl of Chesterfield
Sir Rt Hon. Earl Frederick Stanley KG GCVO GCB PC
(1841-1908) Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
Frederica Eliza Lablanche Stewart
Donald Ogden Stewart
(1894-1980) writer
Alex Stokes
(1919-2003) physicist
Lytton Strachey
(1880-1932) critic
James Strachey
(1887-1967) member
Alix Strachey
(1892-1973) member
William Straker
(1855-1941) Northumberland Miners' Union leader
Southern Stratford Canal
(1812-present) canal
Stratford on Avon Canal
(1793-present) canal
cotton merchant
James Francis Edward Stuart
(1688-1766) Chevalier De St George
Joseph Sturge
(1793-1859) Quaker
Suffolk Palace
John Lighton Synge
(1897-1995) geometer