Subjects of historical plaques - S

Willy Sachse
Holocaust victim
Dr John Henry Salter
(1841-1932) Doctor (unknown type)
John Sampson
Rt Hon. Sir Bernhard Samuelson PC FRS 1st Baronet
(1820-1905) industrialist
Santiago de Compostela
Sir Edwin Saunders
(1814-1901) dentist to Queen Victoria
Christopher Saur
(1693-1758) printer
St. Crispin's School, Wokingham
Georg Schulz
Holocaust victim
Ernst Schulze
Holocaust victim
William Scott
(1913-1989) artist
Montgomery Scott
(2222-present) master engineer
Second District Poor House, Worsley
Poor House
Anna Seghers
(1900-1983) writer
Flt Lt Eugène Seghers DFC CdeG
(1910-1944) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Flight Lieutenant
Sex Pistols
(1975-1978) legendary punk artists
Margery Sharp
(1905-1991) novelist
Martin Shaw
(1875-1958) composer
Lord Edmund Sheffield
(1521-1549) Baron Sheffield
Short Brothers
(1908-present) company
James Allen Shuffrey
(1859-1939) artist
André Siegfried
(1875-1959) geographer
Sir Francis Simon
(1893-1956) low temperature physicist
Felicia Skene
(1821-1899) prison reformer
Thekla Skorra
Holocaust victim
Smeaton's Tower
Horatio Nelson Smith
(1874-1960) nephew
Sir Francis Pettit Smith
(1808-1874) pioneer of the screw-propeller
Horace Smith
(1779-1849) poet
John Snell
Protestant martyr
Richard Snell
(d.1558) Protestant martyr
William O. Spencer
(1810-1896) postmaster
Constance Spry
(1886-1960) designer in flowers
Dorothy Squires
(1915-1998) songwriter
St Agnes Lodge
manor house
St Mary's Parish Church, Eccles
St. Ann's, Manchester
St. John's Cathedral, Cashel
(1749-present) church
St. Mary's Gate
Star Inn, Eccles
Southampton Terminus Railway Station
(1839-1966) railway station
Station Master's House, Matlock
(1850-1968) house
Ernest Stebbins MD
medical doctor (US)
Nicholas Adolphus Sterne
William Edwards Stevenson
Shuttle Street
Silk Street
Rev Isaac L. G. Strickland
Methodist minister
Surrey Iron Railway
(1803-1846) railway
John W. Sutcliffe