7 Stramongate. This 16th century house was formerly owned by the Billinghams, one of the great Westmorland landowners. Part of it was later occupied by Agnes Harker, sister of Capt. Cook, the circumnavigator. Probably the oldest building in use as a shop in Kendal, it was restored in 1985.

7 Stramongate, Kendal, United Kingdom

Kirkbarrow Lane. The very narrow entrance to Kirkbarrow Lane from Kirkland is called T'Crack. The lane is an ancient pathway to the Ancorite Well,Kendal's earliest religious site, and to the old burial ground on Kirkbarrow. Kirkbarrow House (now demolished) stood in this lane. It was the home at one time of Cornelius Nicholson (1804-1889), historian and writer of the "Annals of Kendal", and Mayor of Kendal in 1848.

Kirkbarrow Lane, Kendal, United Kingdom

Hogg's Yard (No.17).This yard takes its name from a family who kept a public bake-house here for many years in the 1800s. Ann Hogg, a baker, lived next to the yard entrance in the 1840s. In 1841 the yard had 52 residents whose occupations included labourers, weavers and nail makers. Many cottages had outside staircases to prevent flooding from the river Kentm which a workshop in the undercroft and the dwelling above. The cottages were demolished in the 1960s to make way for Peppercorn Lane Car Park. The yard was renovated in 2003 by the Kirkland Partnership.

Hogg's Yard, Kirkland, Kendal, United Kingdom