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Here lived Scientist and Musician Sir William Herschel 1738-1822 from where he found the planet Uranus, March 13th 1781 he also discovered Infrared radiation in 1800 ~ and his sister Caroline Herschel early woman scientist 1750-1848 Hunter of comets

19 New King Street, Bath, United Kingdom

John canton
John Canton MA FRS 1718-1772 physicist attended the school formerly held in this building

near the main door of the Old Town Hall in the Shambles, Stroud, United Kingdom

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Sir Edward Appleton Nobel Laureate 1892-1965 Pioneer of radio and space science discoverer of the ionosphere studied here 1911-1913

the Old Building of the Bradford and Ilkley Community College, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Between 1944-1946 'Baird Court' was the last residing address of John Logie Baird 1888-1946 inventor of the world's first working television system

Baird Court, Station Road, Hastings, United Kingdom

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Sir William Bragg (1862-1942) Cavendish Professor of Physics at the University of Leeds 1909-1916 developed here the first x-ray spectrometer and pioneered the x-ray analysis of crystal structures. Joint nobel laureate for physics in 1915 with his son Sir Lawrence Bragg

Parkinson Building, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom

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John Buchan author & statesman lived in a house on this site from 1912 until 1919

Foyer of the Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London, United Kingdom

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C. T. R. Wilson, Companion of Honour, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Inventor of the Cloud Chamber was born in Crosshouse Farm, Glencorse in 1869 and died in Cerlops in 1959

Crosshouse Farm, Flotterstone, United Kingdom

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William Thomson, Baron Kelvin of Largs, physicist lived here 1870-1899

11 Professors' Square, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Sir Fred Hoyle FRS (1915-2001) was educated here (1926-1933)

Keighley Rd, Bingley, United Kingdom

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James Clerk Maxwell FRS King's College London Professor of Natural Philosophy 1860-65

King's College London, Strand, WC2R 2LS, London, United Kingdom

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Sir Richard van der Riet Woolley 1906-1986 Eleventh Astronomer Royal lived, worked and studied the galaxy at this observatory 1956-1971

Observatory, Herstmonceux, United Kingdom

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Sir George Biddell Airy FRS scientist and Astronomer Royal 1801-1892 born and lived on this site 1801-1805

5 Grosvenor Terrace, Alnwick, United Kingdom

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Thomas Cooke (1807-1868) British instrument maker. Born in Allerthorpe, son of a shoemaker. He became a maker of telescopes of world renown.

opposite the church, Allerthorpe, United Kingdom

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John Stewart Bell FRS 1928-1990 physicist and philosopher studied physics here 1945-1949

Queens University, Belfast, United Kingdom

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Frederick Lindemann FRS (Lord Cherwell) Physicist 1886-1957 Lived on this site

The Sidholme Hotel, Elysian Fields, Sidmouth, United Kingdom

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Revd John Michell BD. FRS 1724-1793 geologist and astronomer. Rector of Thornhill 1767 - 1793. He experimented on magnetism and astronomy, also making a Torsion balance to weigh the world. His visitors here included Henry Cavendish, William Herschel, Joseph Priestley and John Smeaton.

Thornhill Parish Church, Church Ln, Thornhill, Dewsbury, United Kingdom

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Sir James Hopwood Jeans OM FRS 1877—1946 Physicist, Astronomer and popularizer of Science lived here 1918—1946

Westhumble Street, Westhumble, United Kingdom

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Silvanus Phillips Thompson born York 1851 died London 1916 physicist teacher friend studied and taught here 1858-1874

51 Bootham, York, United Kingdom

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Sir Edward Frankland FRS 1825-1899, Chemist & Sir John Ambrose Fleming FRS 1849-1945, Physicist Worshipped here in their youth.

High Street / Middle St, Lancaster, United Kingdom

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Revd Nicholas Callan 1799 - 1864 Professor of Natural Philosophy at Maynooth College inventor of the induction coil carried out his research in this building between the years 1826 - 1864

St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare (Stoyte House), Maynooth, Ireland

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Daphne Frances Jackson OBE, 1936-1991, Britain's first female professor of physics, lived at this address 1972-1991.

5 St Omer Road, Guildford, United Kingdom

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Ernest Walton 1903-1995 Fellow of Trinity College Erasmus Smith's Professor 1946-1974 Nobel Laureate in Physics 1951

School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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John Henry Poynting FRS 1852-1914 Physicist, born in Monton discovered the Poynting vector, and weighed the earth. Attended this Church until 1878

Monton Green, Monton, United Kingdom

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George Paget Thomson 1892-1975 Nobel prize for physics 1937 joint winner for demonstrating electrons to have wave-like properties in experiments conducted at the University of Aberdeen Pioneering work undertaken in this building from 1922-1930 with local technician C. G. Fraser

Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Alexander Wilson 1714-1786 (astronomer)

Glasgow University Observatory, Glasgow, United Kingdom