Open Plaques

Organisation - Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board

This scheme was established in 1999 and continues to be very active today. It includes representatives of all areas of the county. The scheme is administered by the Oxford Civic Society.

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Sir Edward Poulton FRS 1856-1943 Evolutionary biologist H??? Professor of Zoology. Ronald Poulton Palmer 1889-1915 Rugby football hero. This was the family home 1???-1943

Wykeham House, 56 Banbury Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin OM FRS 1910-1994 Crystallographer Nobel Laureate in Chemistry lived here 1957-1968

94 Woodstock Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Olive Gibbs (née Cox), 1918-1995, Lord Mayor of Oxford, Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council, defender of Oxford's urban landscape, tireless champion of social causes, Honorary Freeman, National Chair of CND, was born and lived here 1918-1942

Christ Church Old Buildings, Osney Lane, Oxford, United Kingdom
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John Chessell Buckler, 1793-1894, artist, architect, antiquary, lived here, 1861-1889

58 Holywell Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Henry Taunt 1842-1922 photographer lived and worked here at 'Rivera' 1889-1922

393 Cowley Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Anthony à Wood 1632-1695 antiquary was born, lived and died at Postmasters' Hall

Postmasters’ Hall, Merton Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Westfield House (formerly St Joseph’s) from 1937 to 1939 during the Spanish Civil War this building was home to 30 refugee children from the Basque region of northern Spain who were cared for by local volunteers

Bampton Road, Aston, United Kingdom
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In this building the first superconducting magnet for MRI scanning was manufactured by Oxford Instruments in 1980

The King's Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Here stood one of the two Cutteslowe Walls, erected 1934 and finally demolished on 9th March 1959

34 Aldrich Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Thomas Combe 1796-1872 printer to the University, Martha Combe 1806-1893 founders of this church, philanthropists and patrons of the Pre-Raphaelite movement

St Barnabas' Church, Cardigan Street, Jericho, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Daniel Evans (1769-1846) and his son-in-law Joshua Symm (1809-1877), designers and makers of many Oxford buildings, lived and worked here

34 St Giles', Oxford, United Kingdom
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William Potts 1868-1949 local author & editor of The Banbury Guardian for 54 years at the printing works here.

16 Parson Street, Banbury, United Kingdom
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John Alder (c.1712 - 1780) lottery winner and public benefactor lived here

39 Stert Street, formerly the Mitre Inn, Abingdon, United Kingdom
Oxfordshire yeomanry plaque

In 1794 at the Star Inn near this site The Oxfordshire Yeomanry (Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars) was formed

34 Cornmarket Street (Clarendon Centre), Oxford, United Kingdom
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William Morris, later Lord Nuffield (1877-1963), carmaker and philanthropist, lived and built bicycles here (1896-1903)

16 James Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Jane Burden (Mrs William Morris) 1839-1914 Pre-Raphaelite muse and embroiderer was born in a dwelling in this passage 19th October 1839

St Helen's Passage, Oxford, United Kingdom
Montague abbott plaque

Montague Abbott "Old Mont" 1902-1989 carter, shepherd and storyteller lived here 1961-1989

Biddy's Bottom, Fulwell, Enstone, United Kingdom
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Here at the Iffley Road Track the first sub-four minute mile was run on 6th May 1954 by Roger Bannister

Oxford University Sports Ground, Iffley Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Paul Nash 1889-1946 artist lived here 1940-1946

106 Banbury Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Sarah Cooper 1848-1932 first made Oxford marmalade here in 1874

83 High Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Captain Noel Chavasse, Royal Army Medical Corps VC and BAR, 1884-1917, was born in Oxford and attended this school

Magdalen College School, Cowley Place, Oxford, United Kingdom
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J. R. R. Tolkien author of The Lord of the Rings lived here 1930-1947

20 Northmoor Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Ripon Hall liberal Anglican theological college was housed here 1933-1975

Foxcombe Hall, Boar's Hill, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Cecil Jackson-Cole 1901-1979 entrepreneur and philanthropist helped establish the first Oxfam shop and office here in 1947

17 Broad Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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C. S. Lewis 1898-1963 scholar and author lived here 1930-1963

The Kilns, Lewis Close, Headington Quarry, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Jethro Tull 1674-1741 agriculturist and inventor of the seed drill lived here 1700-1710

19A The Street, Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Frank William Thomas Charles Lascelles 1875–1934 pageant master, writer, painter, sculptor. The man who staged the Empire. Built and lived here

The Manor House, Sibford Gower, Banbury, United Kingdom
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Felicia Skene 1821-1899 prison reformer and friend of the poor lived here 1869-1899

34 St Michael’s Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Sir Francis Simon (1893-1956) low temperature physicist and philanthropist lived here

10 Belbroughton Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Walter Pater 1839-1894 author and scholar Clara Pater 1841-1910 pioneer of women's education lived here 1869-1885

2 Bradmore Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Humphrey Gainsborough 1718-1776 innovative engineer and for 27 years Minister at the Independent Chapel on this site is buried nearby.

Christ Church United Reformed Church, Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom
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Sir James Murray editor of the Oxford English Dictionary lived here 1885-1915

78 Banbury Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Professor Gathorne Robert Girdlestone "GRG" 1881-1950 Pioneering surgeon and founder of the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre lived in the Red House on this site 1919-1948

The Nuffield Staff Accommodation, 72-74 Old Road, Headington, Oxford, United Kingdom
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John Betjeman 1906-1984 poet lived here 1934-1945

Garrards Farmhouse, Uffington, United Kingdom
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James Allen Shuffrey 1859-1939 artist was born and lived here 1859-1877

7 Narrow Hill, Woodgreen, Witney, United Kingdom
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Revd Edward Stone 1702-1768 discoverer of the active ingredient in Aspirin whilst living near here from 1745-1768

Hitchman Brewery, West Street, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom
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Sir Isaiah Berlin O.M. 1909-1997 historian of ideas lived here 1956-1997

Headington House, Old High Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780), judge and jurist

Wallingford Town Hall, 9 St Martin's Street, Wallingford, United Kingdom
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William Richard Morfill 1834-1909 first Professor of Russian and Slavonic Languages lived here 1863-1909

42 Park Town, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Nirad C. Chaudhuri 1897-1999 writer lived here 1982-1999

20 Lathbury Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Professor Sir Hans Krebs FRS (1900-1981), biochemist, Nobel laureate, lived here (1954-1981)

27 Abberbury Road, Iffley, Oxford, United Kingdom
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J. S. Haldane CH FRS 1860-1936 physiologist lived and conducted experiments here 1891-1899

Crick Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Dame Agatha Christie 1890-1976 author lived here 1934-76 with her husband Sir Max Mallowan 1904-1978 archaeologist

Winterbrook House, Cholsey, Wallingford, United Kingdom
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Norman Heatley DM 1911-2004 biochemist, key member of the Oxford penicillin team 1939-42 lived here 1946-2004

12 Oxford Road, Old Marston, Oxford, United Kingdom
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William Smith 1815-1875 blanket manufacturer, founder of the steam-powered Bridge Street Mill lived in this house next to his mill c.1850-1875

8 Bridge Street, Witney, United Kingdom
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Edmund Arnold Greening Lamborn 1877–1950 Headmaster Local historian and benefactor Man of Letters lived here 1911–1950

34 Oxford Road, Littlemore, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Oxford Playhouse began here, 1923-1938, in the former Big Game Museum built in 1906

12 Woodstock Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
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William Turner artist, lived here 1833-1862

16 St John Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
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John Henry Brookes 1891–1975 artist, craftsman, inspirational educator after whom Oxford Brookes University is named lived here 1929–1975

195 The Slade, Oxford, United Kingdom
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