Subjects of historical plaques - N

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte
(1808-1873) Prince of Denmark
Vladimir Nabokov
(1899-1977) entomologist
Constance Naden
(1858-1889) pioneer poet
John Nash
(1752-1835) architect
Beau Nash
(1674-1761) leader of fashion
Queen Natalie of Serbia
(1859-1941) Queen Consort of Serbia
The Nation
(1842-1900) newspaper
National Co-operative People's Bank, Marchmont
National School, Bingley
National Tramway Museum, Crich
(1959-present) museum
National Trust
(1895-present) organisation
The National Union of Boot & Shoe Operatives
(1874-present) trade union
Naval Prison,Lewes
(1853-1963) prison
Eileen Mary Nearne MBE CdeG
(1921-2010) Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Germaine Necker
(1766-1817) Baronne de Stael-Holstein
Havelock Nelson
(1917-1996) conductor
Lady Frances Nelson
(1761-1829) Viscountess
9 Nelson Street
Denny Neufeld
(1941-present) Holocaust victim
Lady Dorothy Nevill
(1826-1913) horticulturalist
Sir Rt Hon. Earl Richard Neville KG PC
(1400-1460) Privy Counsellor
New Bailey Street Bridges
New Cross Fire
(1981) fire
New Drill Hall, Horncastle
(1901-1970) drill hall
New Quay, Teignmouth
New Shamrock Cemetery, Clarksville, TX
John Newbery
(1713-1767) printer
St Margaret at Newbridge
Thomas Newcomen
(1663-1729) engineer
Dr Robert Richardson Newell
(1750-1814) founder of Colchester Medical Society
James Henry Newton
Joel Newton
Newton Road Toll House
(1850-present) toll house
Norman Nicholson OBE
(1914-1987) Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Martinus Nijhoff
(1894-1953) essayist
Derek Nimmo
(1930-1999) actor
Andrés Nin
(1892-1937) politician
Josiah Nisbet
(1780-1830) stepson
Charles Nodier
(1780-1844) librarian
Sir Martin Noel
Member of Parliament
Eric Norris
North End Methodist Church, Beaumont, TX
North Gate, Colchester
Theatre Royal, Norwich
theatre royal
Norwich Mint
William Norwyche
(1406-1470) philanthropist
Alice Norwyche
Roger Crompton Notcutt
Nottingham Midland railway station
(1904-present) railway station
Adolphe Nourrit
(1802-1839) tenor