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Organisation - Nubian Jak Community Trust

The Nubian Jak Community Trust was set up by Jak Beula, who initiated a scheme to commemorate historic black figures in 2004, starting with a plaque for Bob Marley in Camden. Since then, the organisation has erected over 15 plaques around the UK. Funding comes from donations, as well as through sales of the Nubian Jak board game, which also highlights famous black people, via trivia questions and historical facts.


Arthur Stanley Wint 1920-1992 RAF pilot, doctor & diplomat, Gold medal olympian lived at this address 1949-1960

22 Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court, London, United Kingdom

Bernie Grant 1944-2000 Trade Unionist, council leader, Member of Parliament and people's champion held legendary surgeries here 1987-2000

Tottenham Old Town Hall, Town Hall Approach, London, United Kingdom

Pete Robinson 1888-1921 drummer and band leader with The SSO lived here 1915-1917

8 Crewdson Road, the Oval, London, United Kingdom
Frank bates plaque

Frank Bates 1889-1921 Vocalist and lead singer with pioneering jazz ensemble The Southern Syncopated Orchestra resided here 1918-1919

19 Hichisson Road, London, United Kingdom
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Ignatius Sancho 1729-1780 writer, symbol of humanity of Africans lived and had a grocery shop near this site

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London, United Kingdom
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Lord Learie Constantine 1901-1971, cricketer, barrister, politician and statesman lived here 1960-1971

Kendal Court, Camden, London, United Kingdom

Constance Winifred MacDonald aka ‘Connie Mark’ 1923–2007, community activist, and founder of the Mary Seacole Memorial Association, lived here 2005-2007

Mary Seacole House, 24 Invermead Place, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom

Britain’s first African Caribbean Carnival was established in 1958 by Claudia Jones 1915-1964, she also helped to organise the first Notting Hill Street Carnival 1964

225 Portobello Road, London, United Kingdom
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Robert Nesta Marley 1945-81 singer, lyricist and Rastafarian icon lived here 1972

34 Ridgmount Gardens, Camden, London, United Kingdom
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Kelso Chochrane 1936 -1959 Antiguan carpenter and student, was fatally wounded on this site. His death outraged and unified the community, leading to the lasting cosmopolitan tradition in this area of North Kensington

36 Golborne Road, London, United Kingdom

Amy Ashwood Garvey 1897-1969 feminist, human rights campaigner, Pan-Africanist and first wife of Marcus Garvey lived here between 1934 and 1960

1 Bassett Road, Ladbroke Grove, London, United Kingdom
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New Cross Fire took place at this site on January 18, 1981 claiming the lives of 14 young people

New Cross Road, New Cross, London, United Kingdom

Rudy Narayan 1938–1998 barrister, civil rights activist, community champion and voice for the voiceless practised law here 1987-1994

413 Brixton Road, London, United Kingdom

John Richard Archer 1863-1932 Mayor of Battersea 1913-1914 (first black London mayor) had a photography shop and lived here 1918-1932

214 Battersea Park Road , London, United Kingdom
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Rhaune Laslett-O'Brien 1919-2002 through her vision and spirit the Notting Hill Street Festival was conceived in 1959. It later evolved into Notting Hill Carnival

corner of Tavistock Square and Portobello Road, London, United Kingdom
Plaque commemorating claudia jones

Claudia Jones 1915-1964 Mother of Caribbean Carnival in Britain. Organised an annual carnival from January 1959 as a community response to the 1958 August Bank Holiday Notting Hill riots

corner of Tavistock Rd and Portobello Rd, London, United Kingdom
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Mary Prince 1788-1833 abolitionist and author lived in a house near this site 1829

Senate House, University of London, Russell Square, London, United Kingdom

George Padmore 1903-1959 aka Malcolm Ivan Meredith Nurse international activist and renowned Pan Africanist lived here 1941-1957

22 Cranleigh Street, London, United Kingdom
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London Headquarters of the African National Congress 1978–1994

28 Penton Street, Islington, London, United Kingdom
part of the Islington People's Plaques series
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Malcolm X 1925 - 1965 International civil rights campaigner, advocated desegregated housing in Smethwick with his visit to Marshall Street in 1965 Recognize

Marshall Street / 13 West Park Road, Smethwick, United Kingdom
Samuel coleridge taylor croydon plaque

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 1875-1912 composer lived and died here

6 St Leonards Road, Croydon, United Kingdom

Dennis Emmanuel Brown "The Crown Prince of Reggae" 1957-1999 singer, lyricist and musician lived here between 1993-1999

55 Hazeldean Road, Harlesden, London, United Kingdom
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Leslie Palmer 1943 Pioneered the template for the modern Notting Hill Carnival, Helped transform a local community carnival into a nationally recognised event.

70 Tavistock Road, London, United Kingdom
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Russell Henderson 1924 Musician and Pioneering Pan Artist, Led the first ever carnival parade on the streets of Notting Hill in 1965

69 Tavistock Road, London, United Kingdom
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George Africanus c1763 -1834 pioneer employment agency entrepreneur, property owner and landlord lived and worked near here formerly 28 Chandlers Lane

The Major Oak Pub, 11-13 Victoria Street, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Walter Tull 1888-1918 pioneering footballer for Tottenham Hotspur and pioneering British Army Officer lived in a house on this site 1909-1910

77 Northumberland Park, Tottenham, London, United Kingdom
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Frederick Douglass 1818-1895 American Social Reformer Author, Orator and Statesman stayed in a house on this site 1846

5 Whitehead's Grove, London, United Kingdom

Stephen Lawrence 1974-1993 son, outstanding student and prospective architect. Taken too soon but will never be forgotten

Stephen Lawrence Centre, Deptford, London, United Kingdom
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