Subjects of historical plaques - M

Captain Duncan MacKenzie
captain (nautical)
William Lyon Mackenzie
Thomas Maclear
Palace Theatre, Manchester
James Hutchinson Mann
(1860-1956) industrialist
Leah Manning
(1886-1977) campaigner for women's rights
Edward Manning
(d.1941) firewatcher
Hugo Manning
Mansion House, Sleaford
John March
(d.1912) postal worker
Marine Police
(1798-present) police force
Guild of British Mariners, Bristol
(1445-1552) guild
Market Cross Shopping Centre
(1997-present) shopping centre
Market Cross, Ambleside
market cross
Market Place, Basingstoke
(1086-present) market
Charles Paxton Markham
(1865-1926) ironmaster
Walthamstow Marshes
Thomas Martin
Abraham Martin
Harold Massingham
(1932-2011) poet
20,000th East Coast Main Line electrification mast
electric mast
Sir Stanley Matthews CBE
(1915-2000) Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Catherine Mawer
stone carver
The Mawer Group
maypole, Otley
Vladimir Maïakovski
(1893-1930) poet
Jim McCartney
Mary McCartney
Dale McCrea
Mike McGear
Meanwood Tannery
(1857-present) tannery
Harriot Mellon , Duchess of St Albans
(1777-1837) Duchess of St Albans
Walter de Merton
(1205-1277) founder of Merton College, Oxford
Merton Abbey Printworks
(1881-1940) factory
meteorite, Leicester
(1965) meteorite
Louise Michel
(1830-1905) teacher
Micklegate Bar
András Mikó
Cannon Mill
Low Mill
(1787-present) mill
Emma Miller
(1839-1917) founder of the Australian Labor Party
Freddie Mills
Mold Riot
(1869) riot
W T Monzani
Moorgate tube crash
(1975) disaster
Iolo Morganwg
(1747-1826) antiquary
Morley Town Hall
(1885-present) town hall
Philip Munro
(1843-1911) architect
Dorking & District Museum
Anthony Myers