Subjects of historical plaques - T

Lawson Tait
(1845-1899) pioneer surgeon
Tan Hill Inn, Tan Hill
public house
Sir Major General Banastre Tarleton GCB 1st Baronet MP
(1754-1833) Member of Parliament
Ann Taylor
(1782-1866) author of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Jane Taylor
(1783-1824) author of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Thomas Taylor
(1777-1826) architect
Edward Taylor
(1838-1911) art teacher
James Hudson Taylor
(1832-1905) China Inland Mission founder
William Bernhardt Tegetmeier
(1816-1912) naturalist
Mariquita Tennant
Theatre Royal, Birmingham
(1774-1956) theatre royal
Tivoli Theatre, Leicester
Angela Thirkell
(1890-1960) writer
Bernard Preston Thomas
Gwyn Thomas
(1913-1981) broadcaster
Hugh Owen Thomas
(1834-1891) orthopaedic surgeon
Christian Thomasius
(1655-1728) jurist
George Thompson
(1804-1895) clipper ship owner
David Thompson
(1770-1857) explorer of Canada
Francis Thompson
(1859-1907) poet
Arthur Thompson
Kenneth Thompson
Andrew Thomson
Joseph William Thornton
(1870-1919) founder of Thorntons
James Thurber
(1894-1961) literary luminary
Emma Thursby
(1845-1931) soprano
Beulah Rebecca Hooks Hannah Tingley
(1894-1986) Democratic National Committee member
Jethro Tinker
(1788-1871) naturalist
Otto Toeplitz
(1881-1940) mathematician
Toll Office
toll house
PC Jeffrey Tooley
(d.1999) Police Constable
William Tooth
hat manufacturer
Toronto and York Radial Railway
(1889-1948) railway
Sir Paolo Tosti KCVO
(1846-1916) musician
Mary Tourtel
(1874-1948) creator of Rupert Bear
Town Hall, Wokingham
(1860-present) town hall
Joseph Toynbee
(1815-1866) aural surgeon
Roy Tranter
Rev T S Treanor
Tyburn Tree
(1571-1783) gallows
Mary Trembles
(d.1682) Devon Witch
George Trench
(1838-1912) manager of the Cotton Powder Company
Richard Trevithick
(1771-1833) engineer
(1945) world's first nuclear weapon test
Gavin Turk
(1967-present) sculptor
Sir John Turner MP
(1632-1712) Knight Bachelor
Bradwell Turner RN
Daniel Turner
(1710-1798) Minister
Flora Twort
(1893-1985) artist
John Robert Daniel Tyssen
Steward for the new Hackney Manors