Subjects of historical plaques - P

Bob Paisley
(1919-1996) football manager
Pandora Gallery
(1896-present) cinema
Dénis Papin
(1647-1712) Professor of Mathematics
Joseph Papp
(1921-1991) founder and impresario of the New York Shakespeare Festival / Public Theater
Carlo Parascandolo
John James Park
(1795-1833) author of the first History of Hampstead
Stuart J. Park
Lord William Parker
(1575-1622) Baron Monteagle
Cyril Northcote Parkinson
(1909-1993) Professor
Dr Caleb Hillier Parry
(1755-1822) physician
Parsonage of St Nicholas Acons
John Patch
Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison
(1832-1878) Sister Dora
David Payne
(1818-1888) inventor of the Wharfedale printing press
Dr William Franklin Peacock
(1904-1987) Doctor of Medicine
Thomas Love Peacock
(1785-1866) poet
J. D. M. Pearce
(1820-1898) Mayor of Maidenhead
Peter Pears
(1910-1986) singer
Pease's bank
Dolly Pentreath
(d.1777) one of the last speakers of the Cornish language as her native tongue
Arthur Penty
(1875-1937) architect
Peter II
(1203-1268) Earl of Richmond
Peter the Wild Boy
(1711-1785) wild boy
Peterloo Massacre
(1819) massacre
Eden Phillpotts
(1862-1960) author of more than 300 books including the 18 novels of his Dartmoor Cycle
Marcello Piacentini
(1881-1960) architect
Pickwick Bicycle Club
(1870-present) club
Pte. Piggen
(d.1649) British Army Private
Harold Pinter CH CBE
(1930-2008) Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Gordon Pirie
(1931-1991) world record holder
George E. Pittas
(1902-1993) restaurant owner
Margaret Platt
Platt Chapel
(1646-present) chapel
John Player
Samuel Plimsoll
(1824-1898) inventor of the Uniform Loading Line (The Plimsoll Line)
Michael de la Pole
(1330-1389) founder of the priory of Saint Michael
Harry Pollitt
(1890-1960) General Secretary of the British Communist Party
Rev John Poole
Portuguese Embassy
(1724-1747) embassy
Poulters' Hall
(1630-1666) hall
Dawn Powell
(1896-1965) novelist
John Cowper Powys
(1872-1963) poet
John Alfred Prestwich
(1874-1952) inventor
Priestroyd Mills
(1869-present) iron works
Blessed Humphrey Pritchard
(d.1589) beatified person
Arthur Herbert Procter VC
(1890-1973) Victoria Cross recipient
Rev Josiah Pullen
George Pulman
(1819-1880) local historian
Pymmes House
(d.1940) house
(570-495) philosopher