Subjects of historical plaques - Y

Ivan Yakovlev
(1848-1930) writer
Ivan Fedotovich Yakurnov
(1912-2000) pilot
Kikou Yamata
(1897-1975) woman of letters
David Yancey Sr
William Burns Yarborough
Wade Hamption Yarborough
(1834-1905) Minister
Yarck Hall
(1888-present) Mechanics' Institute
Francis Yard
(1876-1947) poet
Estera Yasgur-Driller
(1902-?) Holocaust victim
Sun Yat-Sen
(1866-1925) political exile
Rev Jack Yates
(1828-1897) Reverend
Blessed Richard Yaxley
(d.1589) martyr
William Frederick Yeames RA
(1835-1918) Royal Academician
Dr James Yearsley
(1805-1869) Doctor - Bachelor of Medicine MBBS
Jack Butler Yeats
(1871-1957) artist
William Butler Yeats
(1865-1939) Irish poet
John Butler Yeats
(1839-1922) artist
Anna Ilyinichna Yelizarova-Ulyanova
Wing Commander F. F. E. Yeo-Thomas GC
(1902-1964) Royal Air Force Wing Commander
Elijah Yeoman
(1849-1930) photographer
Arpi Seta Yeramian
popular militant
Yes (band)
Philip Keyes Yonge
(1850-1934) chairman of the State Board of Control
Duke Richard of York
(1411-1460) Duke of York
York Blue Coat Boys' School
blue coat school
York Minster Library
York railway station
(1877-present) railway station
York Road
(1871-?) football ground
York to Scarborough line
(1845-present) railway
York Zero Post
zero point for the measurement the North Eastern Railway's lines
Yorkshire Bank
(1859-present) bank
Yorkshire County Cricket Club
(1863-present) cricket club
Yorkshire Gentlemen's Cricket Club
(1863-present) cricket club
Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Company
(1901-1993) company
Yorkshire Penny Bank
(1856-present) bank
Yorkshire Unions
Joshua W. Young
William Young
(1843-1900) architect
Dr Francis Brett Young
(1884-1954) novelist
Thomas Young
Percy Marshall Young
(1912-2004) author
Emily Hilda Young
(1880-1946) novelist
Thomas Young
(1773-1829) man of science
Joseph Wesley Young
(1882-1934) mayor
Rory Young
Young Men's Christian Association
(1844-present) association
Cole Younger
(1844-1916) outlaw
Slobodan Yovanovitch
(1869-1958) Serbian historian
Rachelle Chung For Yuen
(d.2005) bombing victim
David Levy Yulee